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Nestled on the Texas Plains, the Mill Iron is home to some of the finest hunting in North America.  The Salt Fork of the Red River, the main artery for Collingsworth County, is home to large populations of whitetail deer, bobwhite quail and turkey.  The sheer size of the ranch allows for limited hunting pressure, assuring that populations are healthy and animals can reach maturity.

Whitetail Hunting

The Mill Iron offers one of the last true low fence trophy hunting experiences in Texas.  Buck body weights in this region of Texas, more often than not, break 200 lbs.   Over the years many deer north of 170 B&C have been taken with several north of 185 B&C.   The Mill Iron produced the largest buck taken in Texas for both low fence and high fence divisions in 2004, grossing 234 B&C.

The Mill Iron sells a limited amount of commercial hunts each year.   

Quail Hunting

The Mill Iron is located in the heart of quail country.   All wild quail, the majority of the population is bobwhite with an occasional covey of blues.  Most of the hunting is done behind German and English pointers.  Given the size of the ranch, a 20 covey day seems to be the norm with the potential for 30 covey days.

The Mill Iron sells a limited amount of commercial hunts over our own dogs each year, and has some leasing opportunities. 

Turkey Hunting

Located on the Salt Fork, the Mill Iron is abundant with huge cottonwoods offering some of the best turkey habitat in North America.  During the fall it is not uncommon to see flocks of over 50 birds.

The Mill Iron Ranches offers both guided and unguided turkey hunts. 

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